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Welcome to Rick Puteran's site of Choice Counselling Associates

If you are dealing with increased personal stress, family dynamics that no longer work, students that are harder to reach, teams that need to improve their performance, Choice Counselling invites you to discover for yourself new options as well as tried-and-true learnings that you can put into practice immediately to get the changes you want.


  • I envision a community in which each child knows their unique ability (who they are meant to be and what they are meant to do).
  • And because of this appreciation each child lives from a place of self-respect and respects the unique ability of his/her peers.
  • A community, where the caregivers support this knowing and provide the mentorship that allows children to follow and develop the skillset required to do what they came to do and to be the person they are meant to be.

Rick Puteran


Most humans will deal with these experiences in their lifetime around their own life, their partners, family or child issues. They consist of: anxiety, addictions, phobias, learning issues.. readmore..

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Shilo Office:
Veterans Way to Hwy 340, turn right to Shilo, just before Shilo is a green sign saying Sprucewoods, take the first left (56N / Sandy Rd), go down 56N/ Sandy Rd to Dome House, turn left. The fifth house on the right side(307).

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Mcreary office:

Take #5 to McCreary. Turn west( left) at McCreary, on #361. Go about 3 Kms, the road starts to curve to the north( right). At the beginning of the curve take the gravel road to your left. Go west for a few yards and take the immediate gravel road to your left. You will see the green roof of a log structure.that is the office.